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HPM CohortThe Health Professions Mentoring (HPM) Program is designed to prepare students for admission to medical school through an enriched curriculum as well as academic and professional mentoring. HPM will prepare students to be competitive applicants to any medical school of their choice upon completion of their bachelor’s degree.

Program Overview


Prospective students should visit the Office of Undergraduate Admission website for additional information including how to apply.


Program Contact

Lexus Walker

HPM Program Coordinator
Phone: 305-284-3262


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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Have you received my application?

    As soon as you submit an application through the online portal, you should receive a confirmation email from Professor Gaines. If you have not yet received this confirmation email, your application did not go through. Please resubmit your application.

  • Where do I send my letters of recommendation?

    Please email your letters of recommendation to with your full name and common app ID in the subject line. If your recommender is sending the letter on your behalf, please have them follow the same instructions.

  • If I submitted two letters with my common app, do I need to submit two more with my HPM application?

    The two letters you submitted for common app will suffice. You will not need to resend those letters through email if they were previously uploaded with your common app. If you find that you have an additional letter you want to submit (from a physician or research mentor), you can do so. You are allowed to submit up to 3 letters total.

  • I cannot submit my application. What do I do?

    If you have tried more than once to submit your application online and it repeatedly fails, try using a different web browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari. If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, you may reply to this email with your entire application attached (i.e. copy and paste each your answers into a word document so I may manually upload). Please do not include your resume in this email.