Information Sessions

Informational SessionSpring 2021 Informational Sessions will be held virtually.

Please see below for session descriptions, dates, and links to register.

Pre-Health 101

This session is essential for freshman, transfer students, or anyone interested in familiarizing themselves with the University of Miami Pre-Health track. Important information is shared such as the Office of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring resources, including how to open a required file with the office.

Pre-Health 201

The 201 session is the next step on your path to professional school as it builds on the foundational knowledge shared during the Pre-Health 101. This session provides strategies on how to make yourself standout by examining the items required to be a competitive health professional school applicant.

Pre-Health 301

This session is designed for juniors and other students planning on applying to health professional schools for the upcoming admission cycle. An in-depth overview of the cycle process including letter packet options, interview requirements, and submission procedures will be presented.

Note: Attending this session is mandatory to be eligible for a committee letter packet.