Information Sessions

The remaining Pre-Health Information Sessions scheduled for this semester have been cancelled. 

Sessions will be available on blackboard for student who have already opened a file with the Pre-Health office. 

For students who have not attended a 101 Information Session and needs to open a pre-health file, please email the office at with your name, C#, current academics year and you will receive further instructions on how to open your file. 

 spring 2020 session dates


      A pre-health file is required for all students on the pre-health track and is an important step towards building a competitive portfolio and application for health professional school(s).  Forms to open the file are distributed at the 101 sessions, therefore, it is important for all incoming first year and transfer students to attend this session in order to obtain the forms.  Once completed, you may return the forms to our office along with a color photograph or color copy of your cane ID card. 

     Freshman and Transfer students are required to attend one Pre-Health 101 Session to learn more about the prehealth track here at UM and resources available through the office.

    Sophomores are required to attend one Pre-Health 101 and 201 Session to get additional information on how to become a competitive applicant for health professional school and will learn about the letter of evaluation process (who to request letters from and where to have letters submitted).

    Juniors, transfer students, and others planning on applying to health professional schools for the upcoming cycle are required to attend one Pre-Health 301 Session to learn the ins and outs of the application process, including information on committee letter packets and cover letter packets. Students who do not attend a 301 session and who do not sign in at the 301 session attended will not be eligible for a committee letter packet.

    We maintain and track attendance at all Pre-Health Information Sessions. Attendees are required to sign-in at each session attended. If we do not have a written record of a student's attendance on the sign-in sheet, the student will NOT be eligible for a committee letter packet.