Application Process

Applying to health professional schools can be a complicated and daunting task. Our team is here to help guide you in putting together a comprehensive portfolio and letter packet for admission to professional health schools. 

Committee Interviews are held in the spring semester from February to May for applicants who intend to matriculate into a health professional program in the fall of the following year. 

Review our timeline to understand when you will participate in the various components of the Application process.  

Matriculation Timeline

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  • Application Timeline


    Important Dates and Deadlines for Student Applicant


    Request letters of evaluation from professors and health professionals


    Begin scheduling your committee interview

    February - May 

    Conduct committee interviews, if applicable (medical and dental school applicants only). Refer to the Committee Interview Procedures on Blackboard.

    April 15 

    Last day to request a committee interview 

    Spring - Summer

    Take entrance exams (MCAT, DAT, CASPer, or AAMC PREview )

    May – June 

    Begin online primary application; request official transcripts from each institution where you have taken courses for credit.

    June 1st. 

    Submit your primary application to the appropriate Centralized Application Service (CAS) portal. Once submitted, complete the Queue for Submission Form (for first-time committee and update interview applicants only). 

    Queue for Submission begins on June 1st and the office will start receiving requests to submit letter packets to the CAS portals. 

    Allow 4 weeks for letters to be submitted to the portals. 

    June – October

    Complete secondary applications within two weeks of receipt. Remember important deadlines.

    August 1st. 

    Last Day for Committee Letter Packet Option. Only the letter (cover) packet option is available beyond this date. 

    September - Spring

    Some applicants will begin receiving invitations for initial, secondary, and/or acceptance offers. 


    Final decision deadline-only one school acceptance per applicant. Decisions must be made on CAS portal. 


    Matriculation into the health professional school of your choice. Congratulations! 

Committee Packet

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  • Overview: Committee Packet

    The committee letter is an evaluation that highlights your background and accomplishments in pursuing your career choice. Authored by the Pre-Health Director, it will provide an objective, holistic perspective of the applicant’s life journey and professional portfolio (academic performance, clinical experience, research, leadership, and community service). 

    In addition, this packet includes your six individual letters of evaluation from your professors and evaluators. Although a committee letter is not required, it is an important step in the application process for health professional schools. 

    Students must attend our mandatory Pre-Health Information Sessions to be eligible for a Committee Packet. 

    Information for Previously-Interviewed Applicants: Students who previously interviewed for a committee packet and would like to provide new information for their letter will need to schedule an Update Committee Interview. Please refer to the Committee Interview Requirements & Procedures (on Blackboard) for further instructions. 

    Some health professional programs do not accept committee packets. If you plan to apply to any of the following: Physician Associate, Veterinary, Chiropractic, Optometry, Special Master's Programs (SMPs), or Post-Baccalaureate programs, please refer to the instructions listed on the program's website or designated application portals.

    Please Note: The Pre-Health Office does not submit individual letters. Students should provide their professors and evaluators with instructions to submit their letter of evaluation directly to the application portal or professional school. 

  • Committee Interview

    For Initial Committee Interview: The interview is 45-60 minutes with the Pre-Health Director. Business Professional attire is required, as this will serve as a dress rehearsal for a professional school interview. For tips on professional clothing and interview preparation, we recommend visiting Toppel Career Center's resources.

    Be prepared to discuss any of the following topics:

    • Personal strengths or areas of improvement
    • Your academic preparation 
    • Your motivations to pursue this career path
    • Clinical or non-clinical experiences that have made a significant impact and solidified your interest in the field
    • Research experiences, honors, or awards
    • Current healthcare policies or ethical issues
    • Hypothetical scenarios to assess your analytical skills and competencies
    • If planning to take a gap year, what are your goals and what do you wish to accomplish during that time?


    Review the Committee Interview Requirements & Procedures (on Blackboard) for further information on how to prepare. 


    For Update Committee Interview: The interview is 30 minutes with the Pre-Health Director. Business Professional attire is required, as this will serve as a dress rehearsal for a professional school interview. For tips on professional clothing and interview preparation, we recommend visiting Toppel Career Center's resources.

    Be prepared to discuss any of the above topics as well as the following: 

    • Updated grades and unofficial transcript review
    • Reason for a gap year
    • In what ways did you seek to strengthen your portfolio during that time?
    • Areas of your application that you may be concerned about?

    NOTE: Please adhere to the instructions on the Committee Interview Requirements & Procedures.

    For Re-Applicants: If you previously interviewed and had a committee packet submitted on your behalf, and wish to use the same packet without making any updates, you do not need to interview. Once the application portals open please refer to our Submission Procedures available on Blackboard. 

  • Scheduling Your Committee / Update Interview

    Committee Interview Dates:  February to May, Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM.
    How to Schedule an Interview:

     Schedule Your Interview

  • Required Documents

    • Committee Interview Form (available on blackboard)
    • Personal statement essay
    • Autobiographical essay
    • Unofficial transcript of Degree Progress Report (DPR)
    • 3 Letters of Recommendation:
      • 1- Science faculty
      • 1- Healthcare practitioner (MD/DO, DDS, DMD)
      • 1- wild-card of your choosing

Cover Packet

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  • What is Cover Packet?

    A Letter Packet is a cover sheet from the Pre-Health Advising office that accompanies a Pre-Health student's application to AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, or TMDSAS. The cover packet is not a committee letter and does not summarize the candidate's qualifications, nor does the cover letter provide a level of endorsement of the candidate.

    Attached to the cover sheet is a packet of three to six (maximum) letters of recommendation submitted on behalf of the student from an existing Pre-Health File. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all letters of recommendation have been received by this office at least one month in advance of the upload deadline given by the application service(s) of choice.

    The Letter (Cover) Packet Request Form will be available on June 1st. The form must be completed and submitted along with all required documents and information to be processed. 

    If requesting a Letter (Cover) Packet, you do not need to submit a separate queue for the submission form. The Letter (Cover) Packet Request form will be processed for the queue accordingly.

  • Requirements for a Cover Packet

    The Letter (Cover) Packet Request Form will be available on Blackboard on June 1st. 

    Once you have submitted your application, please log into your prehealth blackboard site and complete the following: 

    • Ensure all of your recommendation letters have been received
    • Complete 
    • Letter (Cover) Packet Request Form
    • Attach a PDF copy of your submitted application

    Letter (Cover) Packets applicants do not need to fill out a separate Queue for Submission Form. Requests will be processed accordingly for the queue. 


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  • Re-Apply With the Same Letter Packet

    Re-applicants who have already been interviewed and had a letter packet (committee or cover) submitted through our office and wish to use the same packet without making any updates do not need to schedule an interview.

    If you plan to resubmit your letter packet to health professional programs in summer 2024, please log into your prehealth blackboard site and fill out the Queue for Submission Form once the centralized application portal(s) open. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email. 

After the Interview

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  • Finalize Letters of Evaluations

    For students who had an Initial or Update Committee Interview and do not have all of their letters in their file should concentrate on finalizing their evaluations.  To ensure your letter packet is complete and ready for submission once you submit your centralized application, be sure to:

    • Follow up on pending evaluation letters
      • Send gentle reminder emails to your evaluators
      • Provide them a 2-week deadline before you plan to submit
    • Confirm that all six letters of recommendation have been received by the office (see "My Letters" tab)

  • Complete Your Primaries

    Most centralized application services open in May, and applicants may begin filling out the primary application. However, in most cases, you will not able to submit the application before June 1st. 

    When creating the letter entry in the Letters of Evaluation section, you will be required to indicate who submitting letters on your behalf.  Please follow the below instructions to ensure you enter the information accurately:

    • Letter Type: Select "Committee Letter or Letter Packet"
    • Delivery: Select "Electronic Evaluation" 
    • Author: Prof. Michael Gaines, Director of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring
    • Email address:
    • Phone number: (305) 284-5176
    • Address: 
    University of Miami
    Office of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring
    1000 Memorial Drive, Ferre Building, 3rd Floor
    Coral Gables, FL 33146 


    Note: DO NOT enter the names of the individual letter writers who submitted letters to the Pre-Health Office. The committee letter packet will be all six individual letters and submitted to the portal(s). 


    Reference the Application Guides/Manuals for Help

    All application services provide a step-by-step guide for completing each section of the application. We recommend you refer to the relevant application services' instruction manual for guidance. 

    AADSAS Application Quick Guide

    AMCAS Applicant Guide

    AACOMAS Application Instructions

    TMDSAS Application Handbook

    For additional application service links, refer to the Pre-Health Student Guide.

  • The Queue

    Our office utilizes a queue system to process requests for letter packet submission to the application portals. The queue is a first-come, first-serve and requests will be processed in the order in which they are received by the office starting June 1st.  Only students whose files are complete and have all necessary documents will be placed in the queue and assigned a number.

    Once you are placed in the queue, please allow three (3) to four (4) weeks for your letter packet to be submitted to the portal (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, or TMDSAS). This time frame does not include university closures and holidays. 

    Note: it takes the application services four to six weeks to verify your application and review your transcript(s). Therefore, our timeline will not negatively affect your application. 

  • The Queue for Submission Form

    Once you submit your primary application to the relevant centralized application services, you are now ready to complete the Queue for Submission Form. Please note letters are not required in order for your to submit or application or for it to be verified. The application can be submitted before your letters of evaluation are uploaded to the portal. 

    You must have the following to be placed in the queue:

    • All six (6) letters of evaluation in your file
      • 2 from UM science faculty with whom you have taken a course (with a pink sheet)
      • 1 from UM non-science faculty with whom you have taken a course (with a pink sheet)
      • 1 shadowing physician or health care practitioner
      • 2 wild cards (research mentor, community or volunteer service institution, employer, athletic coach, etc.)
    • A PDF copy of your “Letter Request” form (AMCAS)
      •  “Evaluation Request” from AACOMAS and AADSAS should be submitted using the office email:
    • A PDF Copy of your completed and submitted application(s), must have the submission date and time or say received at the top of the page


    Off-Shore Program Submissions:

    For off-shore schools that do not utilize a designated application portal, please complete the Off-Shore and International Submission Request form available on the prehealth blackboard site.