The University of Miami (UM) School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS) offers courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Health Science (BSHS).  Baccalaureate education provides the foundation for further education in specialized health professional fields.  All students who pursue the BSHS degree graduate with a health science major and one of the following pre-professional tracks:

  1. General Track
  2. Health Management and Policy Track
  3. Pre-Occupational Therapy Track
  4. Pre-Pharmacy Track
  5. Pre-Physical Therapy Track

Students are encouraged to contact graduate programs directly to ascertain if there are specific course requirements they must complete above and beyond those included in their chosen pre-professional track.

If you are interested in any of the SONHS' baccalaureate programs, you are encouraged to speak with a representative from the SONHS’ Office of Student Services (OSS) and/or the UM’s Office of Undergraduate Admission.